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Friday, April 8, 2016

Up and coming posts and videos on the DYI Homeschool Planner series

Just a quick note on what I am planning on posting, but haven't yet.  I simply have been side lined by a variety of things that have prevented me from finishing the editing and getting the pics taken/uploaded.  So hopefully, I will get some time to get these posted.  I am still in the ordering process for the curriculum and goodies I need for next year, so once I have those-I will get that post completed.

What's coming down the pike:

1. Monet Art Study:  books and craft projects.
2. S. America Continent box.
3. Books for tweens/teens (I will add a few for younger kids in it too) about S. America.
4. DIY Homeschool Planner: variety of pages to go inside and where I found them (also have to shoot a video on that)
5. 2016-17 curriculum choices.
6. Some neat discounted goodies I have found lately-all school related.
7. Future YouTube vids planned.  This includes a workbox series.
8. Route 66 Bible program review.  Still working on this so not quite ready to give a fair opinion on it.

Right now that is all I can remember.  We start baseball next week, so it may take a wee bit of time to get these done.  The S. A. posts will probably be first.  The boy needs to complete his last Monet project before I can post that one.  So look for those soon-ish.  :)

I have 3 vids up now on the pages I have picked so far (for the DYI planner)

Paper Choice:

 Goals/Lists/Overviews and Class Descriptions/Grades:

 Weekly Planning:

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Working on getting the Continent Boxes filled and finished Montessori Geography Box top

I am moving really slow this summer, but alas-I did [FINALLY] get the top of the geography box completed-which only took a year to do, LOL.  I have been hunting for some type of paper that had all/most of the world on it to decoupage on to it.  I was elated to find a sheet of scrapbook paper at Hobby Lobby this past week.  So today-I finally finished the thing!  I am pleased with the results.  All I have left to do is buy some Velcro dots to adhere the maps to (on the inside top) and print/laminate the maps.

I have also rearranged our classroom area, pared down lots of supplies and books and added a whole area for world geography.  I still have to take down the rain gutter shelves, patch the holes. I will then repaint the area so I can put up a nice world map and a smaller shelf from IKEA to hold the current continent books.  With all the activities around here, it has been hard to get time to truly devote to wrapping this up.  My hope is to not only have it done in time for the Not-Back-To-School blog hop but to also get it done soon so I can do a video tour of our room. I truly enjoyed watching a few videos of other homeschool rooms, so I hope to do one too.

I also have lots of busy work to do for the different Continent Boxes and since we'll be starting with Australia, I am searching and purchasing various things to add to it. I also have to buy, download, print and laminate a bunch of stuff for it as well.  Once I have a better handle on things I will be sure to post.  Until then, thought I would just catch you up on my summer projects.

Friday, December 9, 2011

Trip to the state capitol building and History Museum

We went to the state capital yesterday to tour the capitol building and visit the Historical Museum, as a part of our state history study. It is a beautiful building!  We took a self-guided tour but did listen in when the docent was talking to a group of elementary students (about the House of Representatives), saw the Senate in session (thankfully, they were done near the end of our tour so we could sit in the public viewing area and take pictures of that area) all the while learning about the history of this particular building.  We've been to Lansing on several occasions but never had the time to squeeze a visit in.  For anyone in Michigan, I highly recommend making the trip to tour it.

Standing dead center on the main floor, which is a thick glass tile, so when you come in downstairs, you can sort of see folks standing there, muted from the frosted glass, but crazy none the less.  These pictures simply do not do this beauty justice!
House of Representatives-they have the pink/maroon color scheme.  On the ceiling are etched glass state symbols from all 50 states-very neat.
Senate-blue color scheme.  There is an etched glass picture (a student won the contest for that, like $2000 [not sure when that was tho] and that is the same amount that the architect earned for his sketches for the building back in the late 1800s).
Just one of the paintings on the upper rotunda. These were painted on canvas, then were glued to the panels.  Gorgeous.  I took pics of all of them (I think).
Had to kind of lean over the balcony to get this shot. You can see the details and beauty of the upper part here.  Love the stars.
Looking down from the top floor.  That is a class down there and those white tiles are the glass ones I spoke of.  This is crazy gorgeous.  The other floors have painted portraits of the past governors hanging all around the circle hall area.
I had!!!!! to take a picture of this.  I just wish more people would "get" that.  There are many more pictures I took, but didn't want to clutter up the post too much.  Even the door handles have the state seal on them-tried to get a pic but it was just too dark.  The lights are unique, the restoration they did here is amazing.  Again-if you can get here, do so!

We then walked the few blocks to the historical museum.  It was chilly and windy and I pray we don't get earaches or anything from it-very cold.  Anyhoo-we got there and walked through it.  We were greeted by a dude who obviously loves his job but he is sadly under the influence of the evolution/billions of year old earth thought.  My children were very gracious and didn't disagree with him (as that would be pointless and we were not there for a debate) but he kinda got the impression we were not buying the millions/billions part. LOL  I just wish they would leave the dates out-it happened a long time ago and that should be sufficient...but no-they have to toss that in.  Let the folks going thru decide that on their own.  UGH!  He at least told us how they extract the copper from the rocks and that was interesting.

This sits right by the entrance to the main part of the museum. 

The museum has a traveling display on the Civil War there (right now anyhoo) and that was a fun room to explore.  They has a telegraph machine pinging and on a computer screen you could read what it was saying.  It was dark in there so I didn't get many pictures and I had to have the camera on museum mode, which means they can be somewhat blurry...bummer-but hey it is the experience, not the pictures we are there for... 

Kind of a neat wall mural there...the drum in the case is obviously from the war, very beat up and yet-when you figure someone carried that into battle-amazing and sobering.

They had a tent set up with little folding chairs and canteens for the kids to play with-some coats/hats too but my children are too old for that-but I am sure the younger visitors love that part.

They also had many flags (that I found out after reading the literature we got from the capitol building tour) that were from the Civil War here (originally they were kept in cases in that circle area of the capitol building where you start your tour)-very humbling to see these too.

Had to have them in sealed rooms and no flashes were allowed so as not to further deteriorate them.

This is a funny one-it is in the area where they talk about law making or something (we are terrible at reading the info signs) and so when across the room from this display-it looks like the dude has wings!  But in reality-that is an eagle statue behind him-crazy huh?  The kids were digging this.  I will have to check the literature to see what this display was for.

They have an area that looks like you're heading into the copper mines-way cool (but extremely dark) and then you come into an area with all sorts of tools/mini house section to highlight what a home would be like, then you can go upstairs to a schoolroom and mini-house of the early 20th Century. There were too many folks in there to take pics, but it is awesome.

We wrapped up our visit by stopping in a local Zoup restaurant-which is now out of business.  It was delish-the sandwich not so much-but it was food and we were hungry after all that walking and touring.

I should note here that I am currently reviewing for HEF review team, the State History from a Christian Perspective from A Helping Hand.  It is a great program.  I am really impressed with it.  Sis is doing the upper level material and Bud is working through the Funbook.  I can't wait to share my thoughts on that soon.  In the meantime, you can find them here:  State History from a Christian Perspective  (I also have their 50 States Under God 3-12 and 3yrs-3rd and their Geography program to review!)  I will be sure to let you know when it posts.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

For those who are FIAR rowers-esp. for bk 4, need help

I am compiling a listing of the locations of where these stories take place (well as close as we can get for some) and b/cuz I don't own them, and I haven't received them yet from the library inter-loan...was wondering if you all could help....

I need to know the specific/general location for these (BK 4)

Arabella (I know it is an island-does it pinpoint any specific region of the world?)
Roxaboxen (any place?)
Higgins Bend (?)
Hanna's Cold Winter (?)
Mailing May (I remember it being out west, OR or WA?)
Hickory Chair (southern USA?)
Albert (would NY be a good guess?)

Just leave a comment with the answer if you know it.  Thanks.  I will Scribd these for ya all later-I was trying to get a fix on where these books take place so I can pick ones that match our continent studies/state studies, etc. and will also need it for the new co-op, so I figured I would compile it and hey, why not share it too-just in case someone out there wants a quick rundown of where these take place...:0)

**Elinette at His Wonderful Works directed me to this lovely resource on Homeschool Share-not sure why I never thought to click that master link-thanks!  Because I need boxes and not so linear layouts for my info-I am going to still publish what I created, since I see theirs is hard for me to follow-but there are plenty of good links there at HSS's FIAR section, so do head there if you need more FIAR helps.