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Applying the Charlotte Mason philosophy to today's modern homeschool family can be a rather daunting thought. After all, doesn't one need to use the exact same [sometimes out of print] books, follow a prescribed plan exactly and whatnot? Doesn't one need to do everything she did, to the letter? What do you do? 

Fear not fellow blog readers, you can apply many (if not all) of Charlotte's ideas and practices to your children's daily lives (yes, it doesn't have to be savored only during school hours), even if you only choose to use snippets of it. And it doesn't have to overwhelm you. You can even use different curriculum and still teach it using many CM ideas. It is possible. It truly is! 

I have lots of posts and info that focus on applying Charlotte's ideas to a 21st century homeschool. By showing you a sampler of how we learn by using her methods (the ones that work best for us, as we are not 100% CMers) in our own home; perhaps you will be inspired to try some of these activities and ideas too. And because it is just plain silly not to share a good thing-I have links to other great CM related blogs, sites and information to help you continue on your Charlotte Mason path of education.

Start by visiting the artist and composer pages for some ideas and activities. These are easy to implement and a great way to get your tootsies use to the CM waters.  Don't forget Nature Studies, Narration, Copy Work and using great 'living' books to help round out your kiddos education. (those posts and pages will be coming soon).

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