CM Handicrafts

What is a handiwork/handicraft?  Seriously, it is anything one does with their hands that is considered a craft or activity that creates something.  When Charlotte was fine tuning her methods and philosophies, it was during a time when folks needed to have some sort of skill that could better their economic well being.  Having that skill meant they could support their family or supplement their income-so it was very needed.  Today, one probably doesn't see the connection so much-but alas, especially during these tough economic times-developing a crafty skill is a great way to do just that.  And, more importantly it taught the children fine eye-hand coordination skills, encouraged them to do things neatly and with care, and certainly "forced" them to pay close attention to details.  These are very good things to develop within your child(ren).  This is probably where most of us "drop the ball", especially when we are taxed and drained-meaning we are just doing the basics to get by.  I have found that I truly missed these activities; and the children were becoming bored and restless (yes, like Bruce Springsteen's song) due to the bare-bones, daily studies only, diet. 

I found that if I toss a project or activity in once or twice a week, along with the usuals-we can stave off this nasty side-effect of boredom, to breathe a breath of fresh air into our weekly studies.  It doesn't take much planning and the items the children have made, are some of my favorite keepsakes!  I suggest starting with some sort of project that you are interested in too-your enthusiasm will spread to the children.  There are many, many project kits by Klutz, and other fine companies that provide all the goodies you need to create something.  Look to your neighbors and friends for ideas and help in learning the craft.  Ask the children what they would like to learn.  You may be surprised by what they request, but try not to "poo-poo" it, as you never know-it may be exactly what the child is gifted in doing.

I am still in the process of building up this blog-so I don't have any handicrafts listed here yet-but I do have some noted on my other blogs-so I put those links in for you.  As we work through our projects, I will post the links for you.

Corps of Rediscovery craft kits (I received several of these kits-you can link over to the TOS crew page to read about all the ones the mates tried out-all of these are excellent for your CM Handicraft ideas)

Making homemade soap

Other handiwork ideas:

*building projects at the Home Depot Kids Workshops
*sewing a quilt (DD did this in at a hs class and at home)
*baking up the wazoos
*paper art (origami, Klutz's fashion designer projects, etc.)
*making hot pads (using that weaver thing and those fabric rings)
*stained window art (not for real stained windows, but those kits)
*scrapbooking and rubber stamping
*various sewing projects
*braiding rugs
and more....


Shelly Howell said...

The link for Corps of Rediscovery craft kits takes you to a blog site, but unless you're invited to read the blog you can't access it. Would love to know more on the craft kits. Thanks in advance!

Sheri said...

Thanks for pointing that out-I had switched it to private until I could update links and such but I just reinstated it as public. I see the Corps of Rediscovery site is under construction-bummer. I hope they get that updated soon. Hope that helps :)

Sheri said...

Hmm, OK-well all the websites have changed a lot. I found the link for you. I wrote this for the Crew page.

Not sure what is up with their webpage-hope they get that fixed asap. If you have any other ??S, ask-I will try to answer them for you. :)