The Old Schoolhouse (TOS) Crew Reviews

I have tons and tons of reviews I did whilst on the Review Crew for TOS.  Maybe there is something there you were wondering about.  You can check them out on my review blog for that at 1 of 100 TOS Crew Reviews.


Rochelle said...

I am trying to read your blog but it says I need an invitation from you. Can I join your blog to red your old schoolhouse reviews?


Sheri said...

Hi Rochelle. I apologize for not responding earlier-I literally just saw this. Right now my blog is on private, as most of the reviews are probably outdated (some products are probably not even available anymore) and I haven't the time to go thru and make sure the links and info is current. Once all this covid stuff and life returns to somewhat normal-I will try to clean up the blog and update. I don't even know how to invite to a private blog-so let me research and see....I hope to have some more of my youtube reviews back up to public by the year's end as well (that YT is whole 'nother story) ....sorry for the inconvenience.