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Monday, September 12, 2016

New year for the Virtual Homeschool Co-Op! Open to YouTubers and Bloggers!

Hey, calling all my fellow homeschooling bloggers! Please consider joining the Virtual Homeschool Co-op group.  Trish now has a website set up so that bloggers can partake too!  What a neat forum to build our homeschool community and yes-your voice is important too!

It just started last week (first week of Sept.) so it's certainly not to late to catch up.  Head to the site and find how you can partake.

'Til then, here are my two contributions so far.  Also, if you haven't already, subscribe to my YouTube channel.  I will be pumping out lots of new videos soon.  And I promise, I will get back into blogging soon.  It's just been one of those summers.  And early falls.  Yup-crazy busy and so when things settle, I will start trying to post a bit more frequently.

Thursday, May 12, 2016

New YouTube adventure! The Virtual Homeschool Co-op

So there is a new YouTube channel where homeschooling mamas (well dads too) can be a part of by joining the fun by putting up their video responses or simply just partake in by viewing them!

I know I have a ton of homeschooling pals who visit my blog-so I am definitely addressing you all....please consider joining!  You can set up a channel super easy like and follow the assignments (doing the ones that apply) and then build from there. Your voice is important too and we need you there!

Just Sew Trish started this channel and so far many have joined.  I finally did too.  Again, I get it can be intimidating-I mean I had no clue if anyone would ever watch a single video of mine (they have) so think about it.  If you just want to view and learn that is great too.

First assignment:  do an intro video.  Well, mine is a bit cheeky and full of sass.  I literally filmed, refilmed and filmed it some more.  Several takes-felt like a billion times. Over a couple weeks of trying too (seriously) but I finally got a goofy one done.  There was always something happening to waylay my attempts. This is my "I have had it, it's going up as is!" video for ya.  I promise I won't be so crazy from here on out (or will I?) LOL

Click this link to go to the main Virtual Homeschool Co-op channel (this is the first assignment video but you can go back to the playlist to see them all).  Seriously, there are some awesome gals who have joined and their responses are great.

And if you haven't already subscribed to my channel-please do so!  Thanks!