FIve in a Row Lapbooks

See the Creating a Lapbook page for instructions. Some links may under my Amazon Associates, which I would earn a small commission from if you purchase thru that link. Most book images are from

These are the Five in a Row lapbooks we have done, which are from books 1-4. The fourth FIAR guide is only on digital now and I believe you can download each book's lesson plans individually.  The general age is for 5-10. 

FYI: Most downloads are found on Homeschool Share, but due to some changes you may have to search a bit to pull together pieces to create the overall lapbook.  I linked to the most direct ones I could find, but again they had to deal with some copyright issues so they renamed, and moved some folders around.  

**Please note: the Neil Armstrong lapbook is under the general lapbook section but it is a part of the Beyond Five in a Row series. Since it was the only one we did, I just put it there instead of creating another tab for the BFIAR series.  
***Also: I put our most of our FIAR into a spiral notebook from Pear Educational Products. It worked wonderfully and kept the FIAR theme all in one place.

A New Coat for Anna

I have this lapbook up on the Homeschool Share [this was the first ever lapbook I submitted to them and was so pleased to have it available to anyone for free]. I have included a few of the pics from my layout-obviously you can put this together as you wish and it also depends on how many of the mini-booklets you decide to use.  All of the instructions and booklets are available on the Homeschool Share site.


A Pair of Red Clogs:
*Product Details

Mini-Books/Lapbook Components/Additional printouts:

 You can download the weather chart via my Scribd page

Word Wheel  
This is part of the Weather Wheel
you can download from Enchanted Learning
(this is a member's only printout but for $20 a year-this
is one expense where you will definitely get your money's worth)

I created these Weather Telling Game cards to help the kids figure out what the position of their clogs meant. They flipped off their flip flops/clogs and then used the cards to determine what the weather was to be the next day.

My Scribd download
This may not work-as Scribd is printing differently-you can easily make this
at home on your MS Word program. 
I suggest cutting out the squares and gluing the correct answer
to the back of the image. (The answers are below the right images) or
simply cut it out in 3 strips.  

Mini-booklets for lapbook:
We did the Flag of Japan, Honesty Bklt, Where is Japan located and the Thermometer Pull Tab booklet. The Japan booklets are found at Homeschool Share but I have not had time to check the
thermometer which may be under weather? With the changes some booklets were lost. :(

For my son's FIAR book (we did this as a part of our co-op so theirs did not have all these components)-I added an extra goody, the Japan Book found
on Enchanted Learning (again-members only PDF) 

Additional Fun Activities:

Weather Telling Game 

Ashita tenkini nare!
(IE: It will be fine tomorrow!)


Product Details
pic from

There simply was not much available to make a lapbook for Arabella, so we pulled things from everywhere.  My son worked on knot tying-which is not in here (the diagrams are-not the ropes) and that about completed this unit.  
coloring pages of clipper ships
I believe I found the knots/knot tying pages on the site too but right now I cannot find it.
I made the of the booklets via MS Word.  

Bravest of Us All
I will have to come back with links as they moved on the site and I have no idea where they went as I am pretty sure I submitted the lapbook components to them many moons ago.


Higgins Bend Song and Dance

I put a velcro dot on the tackle box to make it easy to open-I just took images from MS Word  for the pics for the pieces you'd find in one.  



Mailing May
Mailing May

One of our favorite books to study was Mailing May by Micheal Tunnell.  This is a sweet book, and it offers up lots to do for side exploration as well, so you could certainly add many more little booklets on various other topics that tie into the book.

The brown pocket slot holds a couple pages of activities 
The copywork and stamp project are in the brown pocket-
the Postal Transportation Time Line is from the Postal Service download
noted below.


Copywork page I made, that you can download 
from my Scribd page.

I am having difficulty finding the Mailing Me and Train Tickets download
so you'll either have to create your own or go on a hunt on the site.

There is another-How Much to Mail-but for the life of me, I dunno where that came from.
For the Mailing Me booklet-we weighed the kids, then they wrote down how much they weigh then converted the amount to cents (I did a bit of math and came up with May costing about a penny per pound...not 100% accurate but close enough-so they just converted their weight to see what it would have cost them to go by mail)

a cartoon of a child opening a box containing a plane, train, po box, and other things

Postal Pack (6th download down from top of listings-
it is the Postal Pack for Elementary Students)
we chose to do pages 16-19 which is
 the postal transportation time line project. 
I also chose to do a few extra activities
with my son at home-there is some cool stuff in this) 

We also added:

Potato chips for our snack-being that Idaho is a big producer of tators!

As usual for our FIAR books-we did the map disk placement.  I own a fabric world map, that I have placed the appropriate Velcro dots on (location of the various books) and then have the story disks for the student to place in the proper spot (of where the story takes place).
obviously not all disks are on there for this-I took this pic to show the ones I have right now

Also had the kids do a handicraft work of braiding a rug. You can see that info under my CM handicrafts tab.


Miss Rumphius
Product Details

Miss Rumphius by Barbara Cooney is a wonderful book to do in the spring, so that you can plant some of your own Lupine seeds and watch them grow over the summer.


booklets from Homeschool Share
(this is the revised and updated lapbook, which looks very nice)
We did Where is Maine? and How Seeds Travel as well
You can also find more links on plants here

lots on plants/flowers available-esp. if a member

Life Cycle of the Plant
to make it more manageable, I selected adding multiple pages per sheet when printing
-you'll have to adjust your page perimeters prior to printing
-otherwise, you'll get a much larger booklet of this.

Miss Rumphius copywork I created and you can download it from my Scribd page.


Picture of purple and pink flowers, lupines.
image from

The Lupine will tolerate being planted in at the seedling stage, or you can directly sow into the ground.  I found the seeds at our local grocery store, and am sure you can find them just about anywhere they sell seeds.    

Owl Moon

Use the Homeschool Share nocturnal animals lapbook and I see a cute moon phase booklet here.
They also have a unit on baby owls that you could use with younger kids. I hunted all over and I see that we never did do a lapbook for this book. My son had covered an owl unit at our co-op so that is probably why I never did one.  Oh well, you can pull one together using the Homeschool Share site and other resources.

This is a neat owl art project, Owl scissor/tearing skills art. I had my son tear the "feathers" but he also cut some.  I lightly outlined an owl on a large sheet of black construction paper for him to use as a guide.  I then poured some reg. school glue into a container, gave him a paint brush and let him go wild.  I came in (per his request) and added a couple speckles and additional feathers for ole Molly.  I think it came out adorable.


Snowflake Bentley

I had laminated the cover page prior to deciding to use this approach-so I am going to run off another copy to make matching cards-the main piece is removable (ah yes-Velcro'd) to make it easier to use. The cards will then go in the pocket for storage.

I looked and found nothing on Snowflake Bentley on the Homeschool Share site
so you may have to hunt down different components under different titles such as
weather or snow.  

The entire lapbook opens like a book.  So you will bind it on the left by layering in one or 
two pocketed file folders to create this.  I believe I just taped it together with packing tape.
 Then staple or tape the edges of each file folder at the top
 and bottom to form a pocket to store extras. 

These are the paintings my son made using the green plant Styrofoam stuff...carved like snowflakes then coated them with white paint, to which he then stamped out the different flakes.
You can find out how to do this at my pal Leslie's blog. She has many, many FIAR 
posts and ideas (I mean awesome ideas)!!!! 

The second page (the pocket is now to the left).  I got the Snowflakes booklet via 
Enchanted Learning. I think you need to be a member to access that particular one tho.

We also did some borax coated pipe cleaner snowflakes for our science/art project.

The Pumpkin Runner

The Koala and Kangaroo (under the pic of the bear) was a fun painting project. I found the book at the library (Hand-print Animal Art by the Kids Can! Series) and tried these. We spent most of our time laughing because the kangaroo is so warped looking, but the Koala came out better. That is why he is on top! .

You can find most of the components at Homeschool Share, but again-since the change there is no direct link for The Pumpkin Runner. You may have to get creative and make your own or do a big search on the internet for more mini-books.

You can probably find something on pumpkins here.

**The blank book is a Pear Educational Products Spiral Bound Project Book. This works perfectly for smaller lapbooks you want to clump together, and all in one convenient large [lap]book.