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Sunday, April 11, 2010

How do you instill the love of learning in your child?

Finally-I have some spare moments to pen a response to this great Blog Cruise series.

The topic is "How do you instill the love of learning in your child?" but I think I will switch that up to the opposite end of the spectrum to


Because that really is where the heart of the matter is...the adults coming in and paving over the natural wonder and curiosity that the Lord has woven so beautifully into our children. Think about how an infant's face just lights up with well-just about anything interesting-that toy you are dangling in their face, big brother or sissy "showing them something" as they place it just a mere centimeter or 2  from their eyes, the cat sailing by overhead-due to you finding it with it's face 2" deep into the cereal bowl that was left there by your lovely husband, and so forth (now you must know that I am being over the top silly with these examples, but you should get my meaning).  They light up because of the wonderment of it all-after all, it isn't a chore to watch, investigate and explore their world.  It is a joy.

So how does one destroy that love?  Well, stroll thru some mistakes many have made and will continue to make.  Mind you, I have either witnessed these acts or (more often than not) found myself committing them. I have swung from the more rigid way to instruct (pretty much reproducing a school in my home) to not much structure at all (usually due to burnout, situations that required my undivided attention and well-no longer having that joy within me either).....and after so many years on this homeschool trek-I can say with some confidence that these are the best ways to

DESTROY THE LOVE of learning-and if it is your personal mission to do so, then by all means (I say this in love my friends-in love)

1.  Never, under any circumstance veer off the scheduled lesson plans for the day-ever.  Doing so may disrupt their thinking and circumvent them into becoming "behind" in their subjects.

2. Ignore the child(ren)'s individual interests and likes when considering what you will cover each school year, the materials you will use to expound this information, and the approach to which you use. This stupid train of thought must be avoided at all costs.

3.  Continue on your way through the said planned material, pounding in this vital information because the teacher's guide says you must, your neighbor expects you to, and it's just what "we must do"-even though you have lost the attention of your student(s) and their eyes have long been glazed over.  This one is a sure bet here...after all no better way to slay the love than to beat it with a dead horse.

4.  Make it a federal crime if the student moves away from the desk and chair you have so carefully set up in your little "classroom away from classroom" spot. The punishment must match the crime-therefore, have them experience step 3 until 7 pm at nite and perhaps even on Saturdays, until you are confident that they have learned this valuable lesson.  No one ever learns anything unless glued to a chair for at least 8 straight hours (minus a 30 min. lunch and a few bathroom breaks) with shoulders squared, back straight, eyes forward and lips zipped-EVER!  Remember that-

5.  Have your homeschool completely devoid of any worthy reading material that is not found deep within a textbook or is not on the "list" of to dos.  Use only "Snippet Sources" from which they are to "learn from"-never offer well-written literature that is considered "above their heads" or that requires more than 15 minutes to complete. The child(ren) simply could not handle that sort of thing.  Do not read aloud to your students after they turn the rip old age of 7-after that point, they are to be carrying the burden themselves. They should never experience the nightmare of closeness, the invitation to crawl up on your lap, or to snuggle around you-all the while YOU, the teacher, are reading to them. And especially never let a child over 12 do this (I doubt highly the lap crawling would apply, so this addresses the snuggling or frankly, just being in the room with you whilst you are reading)-it may taint them for their entire lives.  They do not (repeat DO NOT) need to hear the stories read aloud-they do not need to listen to the inflections and voice changes you would normally apply to the under 7 category-it simply will not suffice in creating a well-rounded individual.

6..  Here is a true winner in this onslaught attack against that crazy notion of "loving to learn"...these are sneaky and destructive annoyances that you must be sure to keep far, far away from your children.  Never, ever, ever use anything remotely close to what one would consider to be:  a toy (I mean not even blocks-they are of no real value anyhow), a non-educational games (because if it were educational, the game company would be sure to note that on the box), an outdoor adventure during regularly scheduled school hours (like I dunno-taking a nature walk at 1 pm when they should be in the classroom being drilled in their multiplication facts), fun (oh it hurt to write that word) activities like baking (ouch) or crazy craft projects (you know the kind-ones that have no lesson plans or ultimate goal to teach something important) or the likes. And by all means-never let the child(ren) experience the "hookey" syndrome-you know, where you toss the day to the wind and watch it blow across the field like a bad thought. Where you just poo-poo anything "schooly" and hit the movie theater, spend the afternoon at the park, or lazing around the homestead doing (dare I say?) NOTHING!  Yes, that is the worse of the worst kind of events that will throw your education train right off the tracks, and into the river below.  If exposed to such things, the child(ren) will never want to return to their main studies-it will spoil them like the hot sun aimed at an egg salad sandwich. Besides, the guilt you (the instructor) will experience is beyond painful-it will rip you apart and destroy your capability to effectively teach again.

7. And lastly-never put school aside to relieve yourself of the pressure.  You must never give yourself a break, or take a couple days to re-evaluate the goals, direction or failures/accomplishments of your little family's educational trek-never.  It will cause a riot in the home and the children will never again want to return to anything remotely close to a schedule or routine.  You do not need to refresh and renew yourself-you are a robot, and have no right to require any time what-so-ever to not spend your entire day/life thinking upon, pondering and planning the education of your children.  It violates the very nature of a really great mother/wife and teacher.  There is nothing else out there besides that and to even consider taking a few days to do something that interests you, is beyond comprehension and a total violation of the soul.  You'd be selfish and self-absorbed to want to spend a few waking hours not devoting yourself to the future success of your children, or to spend a moment or two with your lovely husband.  There simply is no time for self-care, marriage-care or simply having no cares for even a moment.  It is un-motherly of you and you should squelch those desires immediately-IMMEDIATELY- then feel guilty for pondering such foolish thoughts.

There you have it-7 ways to flush the love of learning right out of your children's very nature.  If you don't believe these time tested activities will do it-try em out for yourself.  It will make a believer out you-it surely will.

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