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Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Swimming Creatures Ocean Box

So as promised, I have a few pics here of the start of our ocean box.  I used about 1/3-1/2 of a [Dollar Tree] blue tablecloth, instead of paper.  It looks wavy and watery and it'll do.  I snagged a box from the local grocery store (they were more than happy to unload it on me) to create the main frame of this ocean box project. And there was no out of pocket expense. Yeah.

The bottom of the ocean was suppose to be made from various kid-made stuff but hey, we had real sand, coral and all sorts of ocean things to use-so we went for the real look.  I just took clear packing tape, stuck two pieces together and then taped it on the sides and bottom of the box. This created a lip to keep the sand from spilling out and all over.

I guess as we move through each unit of study we will add various creatures to this.  Sounds like fun and I will post as we go.  Oh and don't you know, as soon as this was all set up-we had our first residence arrive (who will not stay) to await the addition of new creatures.

LOL....oh Sponge Bob...this isn't Bikini Bottom.  

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Apologia Science: Swimming Creatures of the Fifth Day ideas

We are excited to start working through the Apologia Swimming Creatures (student text) study.  I put our sea critter decorations up, that I found [at the local Dollar Tree Store] last summer, and have patiently waited to use.  They are obviously out of proportion but they do add some whimsical-ness to our classroom.

Product DetailsWe are using the spiral bound notebook journal that compliments the study, just like we did with the Flying Creatures.  I decided to also add an ocean depths worksheet from the Deceptively Educational Blog, which is a fun activity to do.  You just need to grab a paint chip sheet with varying shades of blue (5 blocks) for the student to glue to the page.  I found one in my mass collection of paint chips that I picked up a few years ago before we painted the boys' room, so I am not sure exactly where I got it.  Just look in the paint section of the home improvement stores for some.

We haven't started the ocean box (yet) that is part of the hands-on part of the study-but once we get that going I will add pictures for you.  Objective number one is to procure a box from the local grocery store then the blue paper (but me thinks a blue table cloth from the dollar store will work even better) first.  Hopefully, I can get that done this week.

Anyhoo-that is where we are in our science now.

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Teaching Science: Apologia Flying Creatures of the Fifth Day Notebook

Apologia Textbook: Flying Creatures of the Fifth Day
Flying Creatures of the Fifth Day Notebooking Journal
images from 
Usually I copy and create notebook pages to supplement our science but this year, knowing our schedule-I ended up purchasing the notebook that is specifically designed to complement the textbook.  It has been a God send!  I mean it.  I have found that I am no longer spending huge amounts of time searching for material or creating go-along pages/activities, and I don't need to come up with lapbook components either! Granted, some of the activities we have skipped (which is quite alright in my opinion) but for the most part has been a seamless way to further implant the lessons into the Boy's head.

Some page examples:

lapbook: flip book activity

The lapbook components (included in back of notebook to pull out to create as needed) are very colorful and nicely done.  Talk about saving cash on printing!  Whew. 

Anyhoo-we're truly enjoying this so far and I am super happy I bought the notebook to go along with the next text we'll be doing (Swimming Creatures of the Fifth Day).  I also greatly appreciate the little schedule that comes in the notebook.  It really helps me stay focused and keeps me accountable-which is always a good thing.  Not sure if you have tried these, but if you are debating them-like I did for a time-I strongly suggest giving them a try.  :)

Now I did not receive a thing for my opinion here-notta.  I bought these puppies and just wanted to share a good thing to my readers. But hey-Apologia, if you are reading this, I would love to write a review for another of your science notebooks/text after we're done with the Swimming Creatures one...cough, cough.  :)