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I had been homeschooling for several years before I came across the Five in a Row series.  I was having a problem finding something that would engage my third child, especially due to the fact that she absorbed things in a different manner than my oldest two did. So I was combing for anything that would help me to homeschool her.  When I first considered FIAR, I thought that reading it 5x a week seems a bit overkill to me. Side note here-after going thru it for a time, I did see that unless it was a story that she adored-it actually was a bit over the top for her.  

I also was concerned that there wouldn't be enough for her (I believe she was about 5 or 6 when I started using it) because after all, I was a die hard "you gotta do everything or you'll be behind" kinda homeschooling mamma. My how times have changed that goal to a more doable and student friendly way of educating. So I pondered the curriculum and figured that I could give it a try because I was only purchasing the guide book and would get the books thru the library. I felt I wouldn't be too financially in the hole if I didn't like the method (could always sell it). Funny, after all these years and having had another child go thru the FIAR, I still refuse to sell it.  I am keeping them because after all my future grandkiddies will love it too. Oh, and I ended up purchasing many of the books that go with the series.  Especially the ones my children loved to hear over and over.  

To add to our FIAR fun, a friend mentioned that Walmart had a material panel with the world on it. So I bought that too and it was a fun addition to our FIARowing. Now I am not sure they still sell it at Walmart, so look around at your local fabric shops for one. I also decided I would draw the story disks to better match the covers (it is just my way) now we have several of those that go along with the map. So when you see the pictures below the disks are different from what is available in the back of the books.

As time went on, I did purchase the 2nd and 3rd volumes, the Before FIAR (This is the only one I sold, but if I need that one again it can usually be found for a decent price), and I also acquired the Beyond FIAR vol. 3 for a review I did-so obviously, we really enjoy/enjoyed this curriculum!

Do I use it as intended? No I did not. As with most things, I tweak it to fit us.  I found that my son only need to do a book a month. So don't be afraid to adjust to your family's needs and your child's likes/dislikes.

If you need a more gentle, snuggle-in type of curriculum to teach your littles, this is a good choice. 
Our Map and Disk Collection:

Close ups of the disks-obviously not all go on there at the same time
-only the ones we are working on do.  But I tossed them in the general vicinity
 of where they occur.I think I have a few in the wrong spots-but hey,
 it was for a picture op-not accuracy. 
Those mini-disks go with the How to Make an Apple Pie book-I connect the
main disk with yarn to the various areas she goes...the kids loved that!

And yes I know they have the disks in the back of the books,and for sale-I like my own tho.

Favorite FIAR links:


Great blog site for FIAR ideas/crafts/inspiration
Leslie is a friend of mine and I always get some sort of awesome FIAR
project to use from her FIAR co-op!

Our Favorite FIAR books:

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