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I have become much more diligent about couponing for my family's needs.  I did coupon a bit here and there,  and sometimes I completely forgot (gasp!).  But after lamenting to the Lord about not being able to afford even remotely what we needed (from our allotted grocery budget); and about breaking down in tears scarcely thru the 2nd or 3rd isle at the grocery store (because I had just about reached our budget limit and had like oh-10 items or less in the cart)-I began to re-explore the coupon thing. After taking a few weeks to research and commit myself, I have now became a true couponing queen.

So I thought I would share with my readers a few tips. And nudge ya a bit, just in case you are not 'into it' but need a way to build your stock pile. Don't get me wrong-I am not touting the over the top "extreme couponing" way of life (nor am I saying you have to throw good choices/nutrition out the door)-but rather help you to build up your pile enough to allow for you to not have to run to the store constantly and/or not be able to afford things like detergent and contact solution because you have to choose food first. IT is possible to get more for your money. It is possible to find healthy food coupons (I mean just go to Whole Foods as they offer coupons on their site) and check out that Surviving the Stores site I have noted below-she has a tab that takes you to a listing of Gluten Free coupons and more. It is possible but it'll take some time, research and dedication.  Think of it like a mini-job where you are blessing your household with the gift of financial bounty via goods for them to eat/use. Ease yourself into it, choose the items to coupon for that drain the most from your budget and try a few stores at a time til you get the hang of it and their policies.

Here are some great sites that I frequent every day.  Take the time to go thru their sites and watch their new-to-couponing videos, read all you can and by golly-do it!  It should take about 3-5 months (depending on how depleted your cupboards are) to get a decent stock built up, so you only have to replace consumable things each week, so you are not constantly having to spend your budget on those paper products/household and personal items that are pretty darn spency.

Coupon Sites:

Coupon Mom

I go to her site all the time-you can
click on your state, the store of choice
and then click on the sales you want to get. 
You can then print them out. 
 She has the links to various coupons that 
you can  print/where you find them. 
She also has excellent videos/helps 
to get you started.

The Krazy Coupon Lady

I love, love and love these gals some more.  
They are on the ball with all the latest and 
greatest deals. I always double check the site
 prior to walking  out the door because I 
seem to find some last minute,
 great deals by doing so!  
Go thru their entire site and 
do yourself a favor-get their book and read it!!!!
I just got it via the library!  
Great videos on how to and they explain the stores'
policies that can be very confusing.

Surviving the Stores

I just came across this recently-
very helpful and full of info. Looks like 
another great resource!

Kroger Krazy

Kroger Krazy Site

This is my ultimate favorite.  I save the most using this website b/cuz I am finding I get my best deals from Kroger!  Excellent.  Even if you have no Kroger (or affiliate of) nearby-still go there.  She lists coupons that can be used everywhere.

Additional Helps:

Be sure to sign up for your local stores' cards.  Very important!  With CVS, Walgreens, Rite Aid and Meijer/Kroger-(these are stores in my area)-you can save big time!

USE the coupons! They do you no good if you get em/have em and leave them at home! Get in the habit of bringing your binder with you (esp. good when you see a really good deal or you have to do a last minute switch up to get an item your family desperately needs but the original 'deal' is gone/no rain checks available, or just are poor quality).  That means you'll have to build a binder...find what you have laying around your home before purchasing stuff (I found 2 barely used zippered folders and some plastic sheet holders for baseball cards/pictures laying about-I need to expand now that I have a coupon collection but for starters the cost was a big, fat Zero!).

Find you coupons in newspapers, via magazines (recommend getting All You magazine and if you are smart and do the My Coke Rewards program-you can get it for free with your obviously-saving money.  The magazine has great articles and coupons for you) and you can use the internet to get dozens of printable coupons.

Smart Source,  Red Plum, and Coupon Network are the three I use the most.

Also-if you can-please sign up for Common Kindness. They help give charities money and you get to save money by selecting coupons via their site (that helps them track the coupon, to know which  gets the funds). Please, if you could-choose Reece's Rainbow as one of your charities.  Thanks.

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