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We used the Manatee (free) lapbook at Homeschool Share to create this lapbook. There are several links and ideas posted on the page for this as well.

Neil Armstrong-Elementary

I have a couple posts on my What's in the Box? blog discussing the study we did about Neil. You can link over there to read up on that for more ideas.

Neil Armstrong: Young Flyer (Childhood of Famous Americans)
Neil Armstrong: Young Flyer (Childhood of Famous Americans)

 I created the Neil bio page (sadly this was missing from the unit) 
to give an overview to start the lapbook.

These shots (on the right) are from expcept for the NASA tire and the one where my son is standing before the actual module (at the Nat'l Air and Space Museum in Washington, DC. We visited there a few years back and we were thrilled to see we had a picture of him in front of the very thing Neil was in!).

This shows the pocket (on left, back side of it) that is included in the book)
 it holds (both sides do) the copywork he did through out the study.  
The right page is the final one for the book.  

There are a few more pages, but these are our favorites.  This is a lovely keepsake for our study and it allows him to go back and review any time he wants to.  

Nutcracker Ballet-Elementary, possibly Jr High
This was a combo study of Tchaikovsky and the Nutcracker Ballet
see the CM composers tab for other ideas and links
 The cover page-I did back the coloring page with 2 sheets of card stock 
to make it stand out.

We used the puppets as a way to fill dead space (since I didn't want oodles and oodles of mini-books in it) and to add some nice contrast.  I just created any of the booklets I couldn't find one for. I used my MS Word to accomplish this.

We came across this timeline and put it on the back side of the lapbook.

**the pocket holds the worksheet where the kids drew their 3 favorite scenes from the ballet.

for lapbook and spiral lapbook supplies:
Pear Educational Products


This is a mini-book on Salamanders, not necessarily a lapbook. I downloaded the 2 notebooking pages from Homeschool Share and the home for a salamander/life cycle under their The Salamander Room Lapbook Instructions. I found the other info on the National Geographic Kids Site, and the big spotted salamander to color on The Family Books and CDs free coloring pages site.

It was a nice way to still pull in some lapbooking elements without all the extra work, while still having a nice mini-book to show off your study.



You can find the lapbook at Homeschool Share. I have it laid out differently than as shown there, so wanted to post my version. I have a fold down flap, and a saloon door flap which is split in half and opens out like a saloon door-hence the name. I layer the back of the folder with black construction paper to give color depth, and strength to the folder. I also had a slight malfunction because I make this up as I go and so normally, the taping of the first fold down flap would be taped down to the folder, then the paper would be layered over it (to hide it) -so tape your flaps first ladies~so that is the downside to making it up as you go. It still came out nicely tho. 

I used my handy dandy Quickutz tool and Metro alphabet to add the title but obviously you can hand print or use MS Word.

Pictures coming soon!


United States-Elementary to Jr High
This is a collection of mostly notebooking the states
but I have included links to lapbooks you can use if
that is the route you choose to go.

For the study, we did about 5 states, then reviewed those before moving on to a new set.  I really liked the material from the Homeschool in the Woods Olde World US maps for the base of our notebook.  I also had my younger student create a passport with 25 states per book for the little icons I printed for each state.  

The cover of the binder

These are just a few sample pages in it. The kids colored their US map to match the color they chose for the state, to make it easier to recognize .  That was placed in the front of the binder once the study was complete.

The inside of the passport, but I did have to add in a page to make it work.  

I have more information and ideas on my What's in the Box? Blog:

on my 1 of 100 (Plus 25) TOS Crew Reviews blog:
Homeschool in the Woods: Olde World US Maps review

Additional links:

Lapbook Kit (designed to be used with all states)

Big Book of Books and Activities by Dinah Zike: page 29 shows an awesome way to do matchbook state mini-books

Blank Map Outlines by Instructional Fair/TS Dennison (great state maps you could shrink/copy to fit your lapbooks or mini-matchbooks)

Dover United States Coloring Book (again-shrink and add to your lapbooks or just leave as it)

The Little Man in the Map by E. Andrew Martonyi. (charming children's fiction to enhance your state study with rhyming and colorful pictures)

VeggieTales It's a Meaningful Life-Early Elementary

This gem is from the A Journey Through Learning Lapbooks company. It is an easy and fun lapbook to do, especially for the younger set.  Watch the movie first  [VeggieTales It's a Wonderful Life DVD] which you can usually get for free via your local library. I suggest only doing a few booklets per day or so (do not try to do a whole lapbook in one day) until it is finished and then assemble in the lapbook. That way the younger child won't be overwhelmed.

Cover-yep, I am using the Pear Educational Fold Up Project Base 
and Adhesive Strip for this

When cover is flipped opened

Right-side fold flipped open to showcase entire three-fold

Lookie how nice it looks in a 3-Ring Binder! 
 Love those adhesive strips!

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