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Saturday, June 18, 2016

Homeschool Dad Tag

So I am a subscriber of a gal who is collaborating with another mom on a HS dad tag.  It is really fun and seeing/hearing dads answer the questions is hilarious and encouraging.   Now, if you don't have a YouTube acct., nor want one, you can still partake.  Just ask your hubby the questions and post his responses on your blog (or here in the comments section if you don't have a blog), then come back here and link the post so we can head on over to check it out.

If you want to video your man's responses, then link your video here. Part of the tag is to put a link in the description box or a card in the video to mine then ask others to link to yours. FYI, it's not difficult to join YouTube and once you get over seeing yourself on camera, it's kinda fun.  I just use my iPhone to record then load to YT.  HTH

Here are the questions (be sure he doesn't see them ahead of time so you get the total off the top of their head responses).....

1 - Who was the first to suggest homeschooling as an option?
2 - What are your thoughts on socialization, co-ops, homeschooling groups, etc.
3 - Did you have any preconceived ideas about homeschooling and those that choose to homeschool?
4 - Three words: Charlotte Mason Method: your thoughts? [Or insert whatever your main method style is]
5 - How many hours a day do you think your children are doing school work? How many hours do you think is appropriate?
6 - What is your first thought when you hear the word "curriculum"?
7 - Let's talk: high school, higher education, future careers - what are your thoughts and goals for your children?
8 - What do you believe is an appropriate homeschooling environment? Couches, desks, etc.
9 - If you had to homeschool for the day, in what order would you lay out your day as a teacher?
10 - Last question: in ten seconds, name as much homeschool curriculum as you can think of!

And here we are: