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Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Erin Condren and Inkwell Life Planner thoughts, Plus coupon code for $10 off your first purchase

I am so excited about my new planner.  I have been watching and watching YouTube videos on different styles, as well as obsessing over the two top sites (Erin Condren and Inkwell Press) for a long time.  I sooooo wanted to order an Inkwell this early fall-but it just wasn't to be.  Literally, the first day they offered the new ones-they were gone in 60 seconds.  Waited for the second run and when that happened, didn't have the funds to get one.  Have to say, I was a bit disappointed they were not going to do anymore prints.  UGH.   So on to plan B-which now seems to be the better plan.  I went with an Erin Condren planner and am anxiously awaiting it's arrival!

So while I wait-I thought I would highlight why I had decided to go with the Inkwell initially but have now switched to Erin Condren.

Pros of Inkwell
(well from what I have gleaned from YouTube and their site)
Vertical Weekly Planner in Wood Chevron Print
*Paper thickness.
I so want to be able to use any pen I want, and not have it bleeding through to the next page or shadowing.  Inkwell uses 100# paper that supposedly does not show pen marks/ink.  Plus, I like thick paper. Maybe it is because I am a scrapbooker. I truly appreciate the loveliness of nice paper. They had me sold with their paper.

*Hard cover.
I think I would like a nice, book-like cover.  Since I cannot purchase one for another year-I guess I won't know for sure until then.  But the idea of it not tearing off or being so bendy has a nice appeal to it.

*Dashboard and other unique pages.
Looking through their planner pages was/is exciting.  Not even sure if I would use the dashboard but it's a nice option to have.  Again-until I have one to test drive, I won't know.

*Band included (for keeping the planner closed)
Need I say more?  Since I do not plan of using my planner as a tag-a-long where ever I go, this may not be necessary, but it is nice to know I wouldn't have to be charged extra for one.

*The coil
It looks like this is a whopper of a heavy duty one.  I like that.


*Page  Layouts
I am not so sure I like the weekly layout scheme.  After going through Erin Condren's planner site-I came away not liking the busyness of the Inkwell weekly pages.  I like my pages clean so I can mess 'em up with my doodling, stickers and whatnots.  I don't necessarily want them to do it for me. LOL

*Limited runs for printing.
I understand that they are a small company, and want to you know-be with their families too. But sheesh, only two runs limits those of us who may not have the funds waiting when they open their orders.  I learned about these planners way too late to stash cash for em. Bummer big time. So I will be tucking funds away starting this fall (either for an Inkwell or the Condren).

*Limited Covers
I am sure with these being like thicker book covers, they had to tailor it down to just a few options.  I get that.  It's just that I am not so into some of those designs/colors.  I am not all geometrically, like a lot of the choices. The one I was OK with was the one I am pretty sure sold out first.  Oh wellers-there is always next year.

Once I have my hands on an Inkwell, I am sure I will be able to offer a more in-depth review of my likes/dislikes, since these are based on my viewings of others and the site...but wanted to point this out before getting into the Erin Condren.

Erin Condren Planner:
I ordered the Paisley in two colors:
the background is the honeydew 
(which was a total error! I thought it was gray.
SO now I wait to see if they can fix it or I guess
I will have one odd looking cover-drat!)
 and the pattern overlay is the Saffhire
(mid-range blue)

SO after much debate of whether I truly needed a spency planner, I finally took the leap. I have been testing my ability to remain faithful/consistent to planning on a $10 Day Designer planner I bought at Target this past summer. I seemed to be able to do it-so I was confident getting a fancier one would only encourage me more to be a true planner/doer than not. FYI: for those who are on the fence like I was, start cheap and see if you can stay true to planning before buying a more expensive one. 

Frankly, after the Inkwell disappointment, I just thought I would continue to use the Target one and make due until the 2017 ones became available. I sincerely could have too.  I just wasn't liking the Day Designer enough to stay focused and use it like I could.  I also had another reason to use the less expensive version-I was completely unsure whether I wanted the vertical or horizontal layout.  I stood at that store, for like forever, debating which one to get.  I settled on the horizontal one. But I find that with that layout (in the weekly section), I was literally writing billboard size to fill in the area because I felt guilty if I didn't have something on the page. So I knew I needed to change or all hope was lost on my continuing. So I hemmed and hawed and finally got the EC vertical option.

So here are some reasons I did go with her planner.  And a few cons I see that may or may not be an issue. I guess I will need to do a 1/2 year mark review.  Anyhoo-here they are.


*Cover variety and ability to personalize
After seeing the huge cover choice selection I was sold. I am not totally hip on the cover being so bendy and possibly not staying attached after much use (some have reported that happens) but I haven't used one yet-so maybe it won't be an issue.  So I guess this could go under the cons section too. But also being able to personalize was very nice.  I could change colors (on some, not all) and personalize it-double bonus. Plus, if I get bored with it, I can order a new one and just switch it out.  

*Clean layout pages for weekly schedule
AH, these caught my eye immediately. They were so much less busy. That allows me to go all clutter nuts myself or leave it crisp and cleaner looking.  I like that. A lot.

The rest of the pros are yet to come-I need to use this puppy then I will know more.


*Bendy, replaceable cover
As mentioned above, this could cause problems (and some YouTubers have said it is) but only daily use and time will tell.  

*Paper thickness
Erin uses 70# and I know some pens will bleed through or shadow a bit.  I guess I will just see what works and stick with those.  

The coil seems a bit less predictable than the Inkwell. I have seen some folks point out that their coil arrived bent or will somewhat misshapened during a lot of use.  Another issue could be paper not gliding over the coils nicely, which will cause the pages to stick a bit.  I see they have updated their coils, so I am unsure how it'll be.  Time will tell.

*No Band included
OK, so I spend that much and don't get a band. ODD.  I won't be lugging this all over so this point may be mute. If I do decide to lug it about, I think I want a nice pouch to keep it in so little papers or what haves don't go all fluttery in my bag.  I can sew one myself or look on Etsy to see what is available.  I can also sew up a band in no time with some stretchy elastic.  But still-no band...ugh.


My biggest issue was the layout choice.  I am used to the horizontal view.  I am afraid I will go across when I should be going down in the new planner, but over time I will get it.  Maybe I will use pencil for the first week or so until it becomes a habit to go down.  Anyhoo-I decided I didn't need a football field worth of an area to pen the few things I do write down.  I actually use the monthly calendar layout the most.  Which is a habit from years of jotting important stuff down on our calendar that hangs on the fridge.  I don't need to pen a book about what I should/need to do-I simply need to bullet point those things I have to or want to get done during that week.  So the vertical offered up less area for writing and a cleaner look too.  The EC planner has horizontal geometric shapes at the top of the pages, and well-me no like.  So vertical it is.

And now I wait for the sweet planner to arrive!  I hope to shoot a reveal video if I can contain my excitement enough to hold the camera still!  LOL  I will let ya know when I have that up.....til then...

While we take a look at the Erin Condren site. If you decide to order, please use my link.  You will get $10 off your first order and I get a $10 credit!  We can help each other out.  :) And that is always a great thing!

When you click the link, you will need to set up your account (takes just a few mins) then EC will email you a welcome ditty and shortly thereafter, another email will arrive with the code that is good for 30 days from the email sent date.  

As for Inkwell, I may try them next year. I have a code but it has some funny wording in it that I am requesting they change (kinda spells a swear word-seriously!) So once that is worked out, I will post that link so you can save on those planners too.  

I am also going to continue with EC regardless of whether I switch to Inkwell next year.  I love their teacher's planners and am waiting to get one of those too.  So I will def. continue to use and support her products.  So again-don't forget to use the link to save $10 [basically that covers your shipping of the planner and that is great!] and be sure to let me know what you chose and how you like it!  

Here's to a better planned year ladies!