Saturday, January 21, 2017

Continent Box: North America

Here is my final box to showcase.  I am still working on building this one up, but I do have a good start.  I have decided to create a separate box just for the United States to help keep this one less cluttered and more about the other countries.  I do have a few state related items in here tho (for now) because they represent Native American tribes or unique (harder to visit) places such as Hawaii.

Contents for the North American Box:

*Coins and stamps from Ebay

*Postcards: various sources, some from post card exchange

*Mexican Items:  gifts from my oldest daughter to several of us-
including the bracelet, ball/cup toy, woven mat, coin purse (woven square thing), gecko key chain, lovely vase from Oaxaca Mexico (she also gave her sister a little cat statue made from the same material, but I didn't show that)

*Canadian Items:  gifts from my (second) daughter's friend who lives in Canada-  including the 10 cent paper money, the "Loonie" dollar coin, and the candy boxes
*Honduran Coffee bag:  gift from my husband's client (they own that coffee plantation)

*Wooden turtle box from Aruba:  Goodwill find

*State Items: 
Kukui nut bracelet and little Hawaiian token man (from our trip there),
the Alaskan pin (part of a giveaway I won a few years ago from Cosmopolitan Cornbread -check out   her channel on YT!  She's fun to watch), the two woven baskets (gift from a client of my         husband, just cannot recall which Native American tribe it is from) and the Hopi pin from AZ (purchased during a visit).

*Safari Toob animals/buildings/places:  North American Wildlife, River, Exotic Birds and a few from the Around the World and Landmark sets 

I will be adding more as I find items, hopefully some fun ones from Central Am. If I do-I will be sure to add another pic and description for you.  Be sure to check your local thrift shops, Goodwill and Salvation Army for some trinkets as well as Ebay.  HTH

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