Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Tiger Eyes Art Project for Geography

So as we move through our world geography, I try to find some fun art projects relating to the countries within the continent we are studying.  Currently we are on Asia.  We have made a wind sock and Origami animals so far.  I wanted something fun and different but wasn't sure what we would do next-until somehow, someway I came across this from the Crafty Classroom.  It's a really cool activity.

Tiger Eyes (India) 

I chose to do a Bengal Tiger and 
my son chose to make a White Tiger

Love this Two-Part Tutorial. I did notice the pics seemed a bit out of order when filling in the eyes, so read through it first.  We ended up adding the other colors prior to the black lines, then went back through it to adjust the look. This is an oil pastel project so you will need those and a nice pastel paper to complete it.  I only have a black construction paper backing on them right now because my card stock was not long enough.  


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