Sunday, April 19, 2015

Geology Notebooking Ideas

We finally were able to start our Geology and Archaeology series.  Since we had such a late start-I decided to do the Geology first (it has less chapters) so we could finish by the end of this year.

I simply glued then taped (the cover is soft not the cardboard like other Mead Composition notebooks) the label to the front.  Then we started notebooking.  I find some of the material on the internet, or from a book or have him simply draw/write what is needed.

I am using the teacher's guide to simply see what their worksheets were asking the student to cover. I am not much into worksheets as much as I am lapbook components, small diagram pictures and such. I find my son actually becomes more engaged when I have him doing a lot of the work himself or by having him color/cut and place smaller snippets of data.

There is enough space to have him do both units so I will simply add a tab to the point of where the archaeology starts.

Being creative and finding different components does take time (lots of Pinterest and basic Googling) but the results are worth the effort.

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