Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Idea for storing pre-printed and pre-cut lapbook components

My friend gave me her stash of Creative Memories binder holders-these have a fold over of plastic to keep the goodies in the "envelope" part, and they have the 3 ring holes for a binder.  These make excellent holders for lapbook components.

To be ready for the part of the lesson I simply print out what I need to for our current study, cut them out (it's just easier that way) and store them there, pull out what we need per lesson and pop them back into another one when done, so we won't lose any of them.  Neat heh?  Only problem is I am not sure these particular holders are still available but I bet you can find something similar.  I will see if my research comes up with any good substitute, but check with your local CM associate or look for them at garage sales and such.  These are a little gem of goodness-

So the one on the right holds all the pre-cut and ready to work on components. Then I pull out some we'll be working on (laying on top of the pockets) and when those are done-we place them in another to await being placed in a lapbook.

                                  Ideas for a more detailed way to organize:
(this was penned prior to the clear pocket option noted above-
but it'll still offer a few more ideas for you)

I found the easiest way to have all the necessary mini-books, and lapbook components ready to go was to download/print the various things I wanted to include. I then cut them out and stored them in a Ziplock bag, along with the book (if we own it). I also printed off any notes or important info that I felt I would need for the study and label the whole package accordingly.

I also stored them in a clear, medium-sized tub for easy access. It allowed me to quickly find it without having to stop to print, cut out or find additional resources. When I had to do those tasks while during the school time, it only served to disrupt our day or lead to my precious student losing interest.

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